DUI Criminal Case In The Times Of The Covid-19 Pandemic

As you are aware, the nation is struggling with the corona virus pandemic, and our state courts and other institutions are also reeling. The information I’m about to provide is literally changing by the minute, so I will continue to post updates as needed. Doctor looking upward to monitor in hospital operating room

As of today, many counties in California have totally closed the courts with the exception of essential services. The San Diego Court procedures are changing by the minute. Most out of custody criminal matters will either be rescheduled for a date certain or a new procedure will be posted on how to reschedule.

If you are scheduled for a DUI program, MADD class, Public Service Program, or are attending AA’s, or are currently wearing or using an alcohol monitoring device, please call the appropriate places to inquire about the current state of their program. Many are closed or have limited service. If this makes you out of compliance with a court order, I recommend you document your attempts to do what was ordered. As of now, there is no way to address the non-compliance; however, in the future you will have to appear in court to explain this to the judge. Therefore, your documentation will be necessary.

If you are doing any treatment or counseling, contact your health care provider to ensure those appointments are still moving forward. If not, again, document what you have done.

If you are doing voluntary programs in mitigation of your case, you may want to try to do them via video conferencing or online classes. Again, if not possible, document your attemps.

Do not panic. EVERYONE is in this together. The judges are well aware that programs are closing or changing how they are handling matters. Just be diligent in doing your part in documenting so you have a good argument when the courts eventually reopen and your matter is back on calendar.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: susan@shartmanlaw.com.

Please take the CDC warnings seriously. Stay home to protect yourself, your friends, family and community.

Be well.


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