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If you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (DUI), this may be the first time you have ever been arrested. You may not know how the criminal justice system works or what you can do to protect yourself. You are probably nervous, even scared. That is when you need the services of a trusted and tested defender: The Law Offices of Susan L. Hartman can help.

The Law Offices of Susan L. Hartman is not a traditional law firm. We do not charge by the hour and we use technology to make us more efficient in our work and readily accessible to our clients. In fact, no office visit is needed to hire us to represent you!

Throughout the process, you can reach us by phone, email, website, fax, or mail, and we are always available by appointment.

We use a flat-fee compensation system: That means you do not pay extra for phone calls, travel time, or waiting in court, and you know exactly how much our services will cost up front.

Aggressive Representation:
Susan L. Hartman is a former Orange County Deputy Public Defender. As an experienced trial attorney, she aggressively advocates to have the charges against her clients reduced or dismissed. When appropriate, she files motions to challenge the State’s case, and stands ready to take the case in front of a jury when that is in the client’s best interest. While aggressive in negotiations and in the courtroom, she is compassionate and non-judgmental toward her clients.

Exclusively DUI Defense:
We do not dabble in DUI defense; it is all we do. The Law Offices of Susan L. Hartman is not a “DUI mill.” We believe that every client deserves our utmost effort to reach the best resolution possible, given the unique facts of each case. We understand the consequences of any plea or conviction, and are mindful of the impact of the prosecution on our clients’ lives. We limit the number of cases we accept to ensure each matter is rigorously defended.

If you have been accused of a DUI, we can help you get through the process as painlessly, quickly, and efficiently as possible. Contact us today for a free, confidential phone consultation.

For assistance in any San Diego DUI case, please contact The Law Offices of Susan L. Hartman: Call (619) 260-1122 or fill out and submit our “Contact Us” form.

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