San Diego MADD Recognizes Deputy Sheriffs For DUI Arrests

The San Diego chapter of MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, gave awards to eight San Diego Sheriff’s Deputies today for their efforts in arresting drunk drivers.

The patrol area and the deputies are as follows:

  1. Encinitas: Deputy Brenda Weibe;
  2. Encinitas: Deputy Dave Toner;
  3. Imperial Beach: Deputy Rob Siegfried;
  4. Lemon Grove: Deputy Felix Santiesteban;
  5. Poway: Deputy Aaron Meleen;
  6. San Marcos: Deputy Tammy Bennetts;
  7. Santee: Deputy Laura Shands; and,
  8. Vista: Deputy Kenneth Werner.

These officers were responsible for over 700 drunk driving arrests in 2010. Deputy Toner made 187 of those DUI arrests and he will also receive the MADD California Hero Award at another MADD event in Sacramento on March 26th.

These awards were given just two weeks after it was announced that Officer Alicia Chudy of the Chula Vista Police Department would be receiving the MADD California Hero Award for her 85 DUI arrests last year.

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving Honors
Chula Vista Police Officer Receives MADD Award:

These and other officers are out there actively patrolling San Diego County looking for drunk drivers. If you or someone you know has been arrested for driving under the influence, call The Law Offices of Susan L. Hartman for a free consultation. Do not just plead guilty. There may be defenses in your case which could result in your case being reduced to lesser charges with lesser penalties or even a dismissal! Call us today at 619-260-1122 or use the “Contact Us” form on this page.

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