If you are arrested for drunk driving in San Diego, you may be ordered to SCRAM, (which stands for “Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor”). The judge may include this in your sentence after you enter a guilty plea, after a conviction after a trial, or, any time before the conclusion of the case if the judge is concerned about public safety, recidivism, or your continued alcohol use. Typically, repeat offenders and cases involving high blood-alcohol content and severe accidents are ordered to abstain from all alcohol use and are often monitored by this program.

SCRAM is a bracelet that is worn on the ankle, 24/7, for the period of time ordered by the judge. You are also given a base station to plug into your landline telephone or internet router at home or work, which stores and transmits the data collected by the bracelet.

The offender is required to pay $100 to install the device, plus a daily fee of $15, paid two weeks in advance. This can be scaled from $7 t0 $15, depending on the offender’s ability to pay. They accept cash, checks, money orders, and all major credit cards.

While wearing the bracelet, you cannot consume any alcohol, use any products with alcohol, or tamper with the device in any way. In addition, you will have to be near the base station during pre-determined times to download the data from the device. You will not be able to submerge the bracelet in water, so you will only be allowed to shower.

The bracelet continuously monitors alcohol consumption by taking a perspiration sample every 30 minutes. The results of the tests are electronically sent to the SCRAM agency. If alcohol was detected in the sample, or tampering of the device is suspected, the SCRAM representative will send a notice of non-compliance to the court, advising the judge of the situation. This can result in a probation violation with additional penalties ordered.

Although wearing the bracelet can be a hassle, agreeing to the terms and your continued compliance will allow you to avoid jail and continue to work and go about your life.

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