DUI Accident, Driver Killed & Friends Charged

Misdemeanor charges were brought against two minors in Connecticut after their friend, Jane Modlesky, drove while under the influence and hit a tree. She ended up dying in the crash that happened in July 2013.

Earlier that day, Modlesky and her friends were drinking at an underage party. She then got into the 2008 Honda Pilot with four minor males. A 16 year old male drove one of the boys to his home and dropped him off. He then proceeded to his own home, where he got out of the car. Then another 17 year old male drove to his home where he and the fourth boy exited. They then allowed Modlesky to get into the driver’s seat and drive the vehicle, allegedly knowing she was intoxicated. She only got 1/2 mile before crashing into a tree in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Her blood-alcohol content was measured at .26%, way above the zero tolerance laws for minors.

In the beginning of December 2013, the last two boys out of the car were charged with second degree reckless endangerment, as many in the community thought they should have prevented her from driving, according to wfsb.com.

This is a very rare case. I have never seen such a case prosecuted in my time as a criminal defense lawyer. What often happens in a case such as this, is that prosecutors feel pressure from the victims and the community to bring charges against someone in order to hold someone accountable for what had happened. But, bringing charges does not mean that the defendants will be found guilty in a criminal court.

In fact, according to California DUI lawyer Lawrence Taylor, “This is a highly unusual situation. It’s basically saying that they had a positive duty to stop her. But you cannot be prosecuted because you did not stop someone from engaging in criminal conduct…So I think the police are kind of overreaching here.”

Based on what is being reported by the media, the boys did nothing. They did not convince her to drive. They did not force her to drive. She made that choice on her own. Therefore, the charges should be dropped, but if not, I expect that the boys will be found not guilty as charged.

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