Pacific Beach DUI Arrest Rate The Highest In San Diego County

Pacific Beach has the highest DUI arrest rate in San Diego County, according to San Diego Police made 514 drunk driving arrests in 2009 in the police beat that roughly covers the Pacific Beach neighborhood. Of those, only 26 were arrested in DUI checkpoints. In 2008, there were 594 driving under the influence arrests in this same area; however, there were no DUI checkpoints in San Diego that year.

The average police beat in San Diego had just 33 DUI arrests in 2009. The top twelve beats for DUI arrests were:

  1. Pacific Beach: 514
  2. East Village: 152
  3. Core-Columbia: 151
  4. North Park: 145
  5. Hillcrest: 140
  6. South Park: 131
  7. Grantville: 104
  8. Mission Valley East: 102
  9. Mira Mesa: 84
  10. Logan Heights: 82
  11. Kearny Mesa: 80
  12. La Jolla: 69

If you were arrested for drunk driving in Pacific Beach or anywhere in San Diego County, do not just plead guilty even if your breath or blood test was a .08% or more. There may still be defenses in your case that can lead to reduced charges with less punishment or even a dismissal! Hire an exclusively DUI defense firm that will aggressively defend your case. For a free, confidential consultation contact The Law Offices of Susan L. Hartman today at 619-260-1122 or use the “Contact Us” form on this page.

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